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Keep your fiery red vehicles shinning like new with Zymöl Rouge Wax. The mixture of pigments, 38% carnauba content and natural oils, delivers the deep gleam you’re looking for and repairs unsightly blemishes. For non-clearcoat finishes.


* Zymöl Rouge Wax restores the pulse-quickening presence of classic non-clearcoat red finishes
* Contains 38% carnauba wax (90% of which is ultra-rare white carnauba, 10% is rare yellow) that nurtures paint condition and sports a deep shine
* Zymöl Rouge Wax smoothes blemishes like minor scratches and abrasions with its proprietary natural red colorants
* Also contains montan oil, coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, propolis (derived from bees), cetly esters and cetyl cocoamide (derived from coconut oil)
* A little Zymöl Rouge Wax goes a long way toward a show-quality shine, extending the life of your jar through many treatments
* Zymöl Rouge Wax is easy to apply with the included Zymöl Wax Applicator
* Zymöl Rouge Wax is sold in a long-lasting 8oz. Jar


When in top form, your red finish is among the most enticing colors in the automotive world. But time, harsh elements and even harmful care solutions can leave otherwise fiery color as a punch-less shell of its former self. Luckily, Zymöl makes their Rouge Wax formula to put the sexy back into your red.

Zymöl Rouge Wax relies on a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to restore luster to non-clearcoat red finishes. With exclusive red colorants, Rouge Wax undoes years of aging. A rich amount of carnauba wax—38% by volume—works to restore shine and add depth, setting your red ablaze again. Select oils and esters make Zymöl smooth and safe to apply. Swirls vanish, abrasions dim, and blemishes are reduced.

All it takes is a little Zymöl Rouge Wax to earn this restored raging red for your ride, making sure your jar lasts through several treatments. Our Zymöl Rouge Wax kits include a specialized Zymöl Wax Applicator and protective gloves for a pleasurable detail project.


* Use Zymöl HD-Cleanse or liquid polish on all paint surfaces to remove old wax and contaminants before applying Zymöl Wax. Otherwise, Zymöl's specialized formula will not properly bond with your finish.
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